Eggs may be given raw either whole, or as the egg-albumin alone. The white of an egg beaten well with half a pint of water and strained, flavored perhaps with lemon, makes what is termed "albumin water."

The beaten up white-of-eggs with an equal bulk of water, to which has been added one or more teaspoonfuls of brandy, makes a nutritious food.

The white of an egg, or the whole egg, beaten up, may be added to beef broth or to a cup of coffee, and so administered.

Raw eggs, after beating, may be administered in a glass of iced Lemon juice.

Egg Nogg is made by adding to a raw egg, well-beaten in a little water with a teaapoonful of sugar, half a cup of milk, to which has been added a tablespoonful of brandy or whiskey. The mixture is then well-shaken or stirred, and, if desired, a little nutmeg may be added.

A raw egg dropped into boiling water and removed in two or three minutes, makes a very digestible half-cooked egg.