Beside the previously described isopathic preparations of the fungal phase, the immunobiological preparations from the bacterial phase fill an important place in biological therapy:

ARTHROKEHLAN "A", Formol toxoid of the Propionibacterium acnesDSM 4217

ARTHROKEHLAN "U", Formol toxoid of the Corynebacteriumsp. DSM 4223

BOVISAN, Mycobacterium bovis

LATENSIN, Bacillus cereusM. U. 345 a* (DSM 5194)

LEPTUCIN, Propionibacterium avidum

RECARCIN, Bacillus firmusSA. C. 501* (= DSM 4816)

SANUKEHL Series, Hapten preparations from typical nosode germs

UTILIN, Bacillus subtilisM. U. 345* (= DSM 5330)

UTILIN "S", Mycobacterium phleiF. U. 36* (= DSM 4817)

The immunobiological preparations contain diverse fractions of various bacterial species, such as intact cells, cellular extracts, cell wall fragments of polysaccharides. Only especially suitable strains that were cultivated under specific conditions (note strain numbers) are being applied; their effectiveness has been proven by decades of application. They are capable of stepping into the course of a physical immune reaction and to raise the immune system's capacity for response through their nonspecific stimulation. This takes place through their influencing diverse sub-populations of lymphoid and phagocytizing cells which take part in the immune functions. For instance, they indirectly take part in the structuring of humoral antibodies.