ALBICANSAN holds a special position among the isopathic preparations. This preparation contains Chondritins of Candida albicansin diverse homeopathic dilutions as its active substance. The therapeutic principle of the Candida preparations is based on the dimorphism of the yeast organism, sometimes also referred to as "Soorpilz". The organism may exist in several growth forms or developmental phases, as yeast and as fungus. Consequently, it is living proof for the accuracy of Enderlein's Theory of Pleomorphism. In its yeast form, the organism exists as a single cell. Candida yeasts are saprophytic, which become pathogenic only under certain preconditions. A weakened immune system, or antibiotic treatment, promotes the pathogenicity of Candida yeast cells enormously. They are the cause for the far-spreading Candidiasis in the form of a superficial colonization on mucous membranes.

If the infested host cell dies, the yeast cell comes into contact with dissolving cell fragments and the cell fluid. This is the signal for the yeast cell to rise within the cyclogenetic series into a parasitic, mycelia forming fungus, which then grows invasively into the tissues and, thereby, initiates the widening of tissue lesions.

The preparation ALBICANSAN takes this dimorphism (the varying between yeast and fungus) into account in the therapy.

Researchers have succeeded in cultivating the microorganism as yeast phase and also as fungal phase, side by side, through appropriate conditions of cultivation. Therefore, the superficial mucous membrane associated forms of Candidiasis, the deeper settled, tissue infiltrating infections, and also massive intestinal mucosal forms can become therapeutic.

Moreover, the well-proven preparation PEFRAKEHL is available for Candidiasis therapy. It can also be applied, among other possibilities, as a cross antigen reaction that is effective for superficial Candida albicansinfections. PEFRAKEHL is a preparation from the yeast form of Candida parapsilosis, which is predominantly isolated from the skin, from nail bed infections, Otitis externa and Endocarditis in human beings; a most effective preparation. A must for every practice!

EXMYKEHL represents a combination of Candida albicans, Candida parapsilosisand Penicillium roquefortii.