A Simple Form of Stomatitis is indicated by slightly elevated, reddish, glistening patches on the mucous membrane, which may coalesce, so that the whole surface is involved.


Emollient and detergent lotions, such as slipperyelm bark, pith of sassafras, or borax, Treatment 330 glycerine, or, borax, honey, or a weak solution of alum, or acetate of lead, gr. iij to the ounce of water. A few doses of bromide of potassium will relieve the nervous excitement. Chlorate of potash lotion, gr. v to the ounce of water, is also efficacious as a local remedy. This affection usually subsides as soon as the constitutional disorder is relieved. A mild cathartic and attention to the diet may be all that is required.

Suppurative Gingivitis

Dr. Ottolengui recommends for this affection spraying the gingivae with a three per cent. solution of pyrozone; then remove all deposits thoroughly; for virulent cases he employs a five per cent. solution, and sometimes a twenty-five per cent. solution. Pain following the application of the pyrozone may be relieved by applying glycerole of tannin. This treatment is to be resorted to twice a week, using the three per cent. solution of pyrozone as a mouth-wash during this time. Where sensitiveness about necks of teeth or elsewhere is caused by the one-twentieth of one per cent. of acidity of the pyrozone, it may be neutralized by placing a small particle of carbonate of magnesia in the tumbler, and then pouring in the three per cent. solution of pyrozone to be used.