Diluted Hydrobromic Acid is prepared by adding ten per cent. of absolute hydrobromic acid to ninety per cent. of water. It is a clear, colorless liquid, having no odor, but a decidedly acid taste and an acid reaction.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Hydrobromic acid is often substituted for the bromides on account of its possessing many of their properties. It is employed in cerebral disorders from overexertion, epilepsy, spasmodic cough, angina pectoris, affections of the heart, as it diminishes its action, to relieve the symptoms of quinine, and also of morphine, migraine or sick headache, neuralgia, spasmodic asthma, etc.


Dose 488

Dental Uses

Diluted Hydrobromic Acid may be employed in facial neuralgia, infantile convulsions due to teething, and to lessen the irritability of the fauces when impressions for obturators and artificial palates are being taken.