Sulphate of Atropine is obtained by adding a mixture of sulphuric acid to an ethereal solution of atropine. It is in the form of a white, slightly crystalline powder, very soluble in water and alcohol, but insoluble in ether. It is inodorous, and of a bitter taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Sulphate of atropine has the same medical properties and action as belladonna, of which it is the alkaloid, but is far more energetic in its action. It is an active poison, and should only be administered internally with the greatest care. Hypodermically employed, it is a useful anodyne and antispasmodic, and the quantity should be cautiously increased from a very small dose in the beginning. Such symptoms as dryness of the throat, vertigo, and diplopia, are indications that its use should be discontinued. Without being a direct hypnotic, it induces sleep by relieving pain. Although it is not so well tolerated, as a general rule, as is morphine, yet patients who cannot bear morphine will bear atropine.

Therapeutic Uses

See Belladonna.


Of sulphate of atropine, gr. 1/120 to gr. 1/60 . For an anodyne and antispasmodic, hypodermically injected, the dose is Dose 693 =gr. 1/120, as a commencement. An ointment is made of atropine gr. viij, rectified spirit lard

The antidote in cases of poisoning by Belladonna and its alkaloid is an infusion of galls and lime water, first evacuating the stomach as speedily as possible.

Dental Uses

In dental practice, sulphate of atropine is applied externally to obtund the sensitiveness of inflamed pulps of teeth, preparatory to their treatment, and to their devitalization; it is also applied to acute inflammations, depending upon alveolar periostitis and abscess. It forms one of the ingredients of a nerve paste, for devitalizing pulps of teeth, being substituted for the acetate of morphine, but there is doubt as to its being so effective as the morphine salts; in facial neuralgia, in the form of an ointment; in neuralgia and in profuse salivation. As an anodyne for internal use, it proves efficacious in relieving intense pain, such as may result from an inflamed pulp or periosteum ; also internally, or in the form of hypodermic injections, for the relief of facial neuralgia; for such a purpose 1/120 of a grain of the atropine sulphate is often combined with morphine sulphate.

Dental Formulae

For Facial Neuralgia.

Atropinae sulphat. . . gr.j



To be applied in the form of an ointment, over seat of pain.

Signa 696Signa 697

For Neuralgia. J. L. Ludlow.

Atropinae sulphatis . .

Olei tiglii......gtt.ij

Ung. petrolei .... Signa. - Apply externally.

Signa 698Signa 699

For Facial Neuralgia. Pulveris belladonnae . . gr.x


Spiritus rectificati . . q.s. M. Signa. - To be applied with a camel's-hair brush.

Signa 700Signa 701

For Neuralgia of Superficial Nerves.