Handbook of Structural Formulae for the Use of Students, containing 180 Structural and Stereo-chemic Formulae. 12mo. Interleaved. Cloth, $1.00

Lewers. On the Diseases of Women.

A Practical Treatise. By Dr. A. H. N. Lewers, Assistant Obstetric Physician to the London Hospital. 146 Engravings. Fifth Edition, Revised. Cloth, $2.50

Lewis (Bevan). Mental Diseases.

A Text-Book having Special Reference to the Pathological Aspects of Insanity. By Bevan Lewis, l.r.c.p., m.r.c.s., Medical Director West Riding Asylum, Wakefield, England. 26 Lithograph Plates and other Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 8vo. Cloth, $7.00

Lincoln. School and Industrial Hygiene. By D. F. Lincoln, m.d. Cloth, .40

Longley's Pocket Medical Dictionary.

Giving the Definition and Pronunciation of Words and Terms in General Use in Medicine. With an Appendix, containing Poisons and their Antidotes, Abbreviations Used in Prescriptions, etc. By Elias Longley. Cloth, .75; Tucks and Pocket, $1.00

Macalister's Human Anatomy. 816 Illustrations.

Systematic and Topographical, including the Embryology, Histology, and Morphology of Man. With Special Reference to the Requirements of Practical Surgery and Medicine. By Alex. Macalister, m.d., f.r.s., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge, England. 816 Illustrations. Octavo.

Cloth, $5.00 ; Leather, $6.00

Mackenzie. The Pharmacopoeia of the London Hospital for Diseases of the Throat.

By Sir Morell Mackenzie, M.D. Fifth Edition, Revised and Improved by F.I.G. Harvey, Surgeon to the Hospital. Cloth, $1.00

Macready. A Treatise on Ruptures.

By Jonathan F. C. H. Macready, f.r.c.s., Surgeon to the Great Northern Central Hospital; to the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest; to the City of London Truss Society, etc. 24 Full-page Plates and Wood Engravings. Octavo.

Cloth, $6.00

Mann. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.

By J. Dixon Manx, m.d., f.r.c.p., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology in Owens College, Manchester; Examiner in Forensic Medicine in University of London, etc. Illustrated. Octavo. Cloth, $6.50

Mann's Manual of Psychological Medicine and Allied Nervous Diseases. Their Diagnosis, Pathology, Prognosis, and Treatment, including their Medico-Legal Aspects. With Chapter on Expert Testimony and an Abstract of the Laws Relating to the Insane in all the States of the Union. By Edward C. Mann, m.d. With Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $3.00

Marshall's Physiological Diagrams, Life Size, Colored.

Eleven Life-size Diagrams (each 7 feet by 3 feet 7 inches). Designed for Demonstration before the Class. By John Marshall, f.r.s., f.r.c.s., Professor of Anatomy to the Royal Academy; Professor of Surgery, University College, London, etc. In Sheets, $40.00; Backed with Muslin and Mounted on Rollers, $60.00

Ditto, Spring Rollers, in Handsome Walnut Map Case, $100.00 Single Plates, Sheets, $5.00; Mounted, $7.50; Explanatory Key, 50 cents.

Purchaser must pay freight charges.

No. 1 - The Skeleton and Ligaments. No. 2 - The Muscles and Joints, with Animal Mechanics. No. 3 - The Viscera in Position. No. 4 - The Heart and Principal Blood-vessels. No. 5 - The Lymphatics. No. 6 - The Digestive Organs. No. 7 - The Brain and Nerves. Nos. 8 and 9 - The Organs of the Senses. Nos. 10 and 11 - The Microscopic Structure of the Textures and Organs. (Send for Special Circular.)

Matas. Anesthesia with Cocain.

Local and Regional Anesthesia with Cocain, Eucain, and other Analgesic Drugs, including the latest methods. By Rudolph Matas, m.d., Professor of Surgery, Medical Department of Tulane University, Louisiana; Visiting Surgeon to the Charity Hospital, New Orleans, etc. With Illustrations. Nearly Ready.

Maxwell. Terminologia Medica Polyglotta. By Dr. Theodore Maxwell. Octavo. Cloth, $3.00

The object of this work is to assist the medical men of any nationality in reading medical literature written in a language not their own. Each term is usually given in seven languages, viz.: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Latin.

Maylard. The Surgery of the Alimentary Canal.

By Alfred Ernest Maylard, m.b., b.s., Senior Surgeon to the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow. Second Edition. 97 Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $3.00

Mays' Theine in the Treatment of Neuralgia. By Thomas J. Mays, m.d. 16mo. 1/2. bound, .50

McBride. Diseases of the Throat, Nose, and Ear.

A Clinical Manual for Students and Practitioners. By P. McBride, m.d., f.r.c.p. (Edin.), Surgeon to the Ear and Throat Department of the Royal Infirmary; Lecturer on Diseases of Throat and Ear, Edinburgh School of Medicine, etc. With Colored Illustrations from Original Drawings. Third Edition. Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged. Octavo. Just Ready. Handsome Cloth, Gilt Top, $7.00

McCook. American Spiders and Their Spinning Work.

A Natural History of the Orbweaving Spiders of the United States. By Henry C. McCook, d.d., Vice-President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; Member Entomological Society; Author of "The Agricultural Ants of Texas," etc. Three volumes. Handsomely Illustrated. Cloth, $50.00

McNeill. The Prevention of Epidemics and the Construction and

Management of Isolation Hospitals.

By Dr. Roger McNeill, Medical Officer of Health for the County of Argyll. With Numerous Plans and other Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $3.50

Meigs. Milk Analysis and Infant Feeding.

The Examination of Human and Cow's Milk, Cream, Condensed Milk, etc., and Directions as to the Diet of Young Infants. By Arthur V. Meigs, m.d. 12mo.

Cloth, .50

Memminger. Diagnosis by the Urine.

The Practical Examination of Urine, with Special Reference to Diagnosis. By Allard Memminger, m.d., Professor of Chemistry and Hygiene; Clinical Professor of Urinary Diagnosis in the Medical College of the State of South Carolina; Visiting Physician in the City Hospital of Charleston, etc. Second Edition, Enlarged and Revised. 24 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00