Outlines of Practical Histology.

368 Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. With new Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00

Stohr. Text-Book of Histology, Including the Microscopical Technic. 301 Illustrations.

By Dr. Philip Stohr, Professor of Anatomy at University of WUrzburg. Authorized Translation by Emma L. Bilstein, m.d., formerly Demonstrator of Histology, Woman's Medical College of Penna. Edited, with Additions, by Dr. Alfred Schaper, Professor of Anatomy, University of Breslau; formerly Demonstrator of Histology, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Third American from the Eighth German Edition, Enlarged and Revised. 301 Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $3.00

"This edition of an already well-known student's manual requires little but favorable comment. Its other editions have made it well and favorably known, and this one only makes the work's position more secure. The book is not only a useful one for the student, but makes a very good work of reference for its subject, and is thus entitled to a place upon the shelves of the practitioner." - The Medical Record, New York.

Sturgis. Manual of Venereal Diseases. Seventh Edition.

By F. R. Sturgis, m.d., Sometime Clinical Professor of Venereal Diseases in the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York; formerly one of the Visiting Surgeons to Charity Hospital, Blackwells Island, Department of Venereal Diseases; Member of the American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons, etc. Seventh Edition, Revised and in part Rewritten by F. R. Sturgis, m.d., and Follen Cabot, m.d., Instructor in Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases in the Cornell University Medical College; Genito-Urinary Out-Patient Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital; Visiting Dermatologist to the New York City (Charity) Hospital; Lecturer on Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases, University of Vermont, 1900. 12mo. 200 pages. Just Ready. Cloth, $1.25

Sutton's Volumetric Analysis.

A Systematic Handbook for the Quantitative Estimation of Chemical Substances by Measure, Applied to Liquids, Solids, and Gases. Adapted to the Requirements of Pure Chemical Research, Pathological Chemistry, Pharmacy, Metallurgy, Photography, etc., and for the Valuation of Substances Used in Commerce, Agriculture, and the Arts. By Francis Sutton, f.cs. Eighth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. With 116 Illustrations. 8vo. Just Ready. Cloth, $5.00

Swain. Surgical Emergencies.

Together with the Emergencies Attendant on Parturition and the Treatment of Poisoning. By William Paul Swain, f.r.c.s., Surgeon to the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital, England. Fifth Edition. 149 Illustrations. 12mo.

Cloth, $1.75

Swanzy. Diseases of the Eye and their Treatment.

A Handbook for Physicians and Students. By Henry R. Swanzy, a.m., m.b., f.r.c.s.i., Examiner in Ophthalmology, University of Dublin; Surgeon to the National Eye and Ear Infirmary; Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin. Seventh Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged. 165 Illustrations, one Plain Plate, and a Zephyr Test Card. 12mo. Cloth, $2.50

"Is without doubt the most satisfactory manual we have upon diseases of the eye. It occupies the middle ground between the students' manuals, which are too brief and concise, and the encyclopedic treatises, which are too extended and detailed to be of special use to the general practitioner." - Chicago Medical Recorder.

Symonds. Manual of Chemistry for Medical Students. By Brandreth Symonds, a.m., m.d., Assistant Physician Roosevelt Hospital, Out-Patient Department, New York. Second Edition. 12mo.

Cloth, $2.00

Taft. Index of Dental Periodical Literature.

By Jonathan Taft, d.d.s. 8vo. Cloth, $2.00

Tanner's Memoranda of Poisons and their Antidotes and Tests. By Thos. Hawkes Tanner, m.d. Eighth Edition, Revised by Henry Leffmann, m.d., Professor of Chemistry, Woman's Medical College of Penna.; Vice-President Society of Public Analysts. 12mo. Cloth, .75

Taylor. Practice of Medicine.

By Frederick Taylor, m.d., Physician to, and Lecturer on Medicine at, Guy's Hospital, London; Physician to Evelina Hospital for Sick Children. Fifth Edition.

Cloth, $4.00

Taylor and Wells. Diseases of Children. Illustrated.

A Manual for Students and Physicians. By John Madison Taylor, a.b., m.d., Professor of Diseases of Children, Philadelphia Polyclinic; Pediatrist to the Philadelphia Hospital; Assistant Physician to the Children's Hospital and to the Orthopedic Hospital; Consulting Physician to the Elwyn and the Vineland Training Schools for Feeble-minded Children; Neurologist to the Howard Hospital, etc.; and William H. Wells, m.d., Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Infancy in the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Demonstrator of Clinical Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College; Chief Gynecologist, Mt. Sinai Hospital. With Numerous Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Octavo. Just Ready. Cloth, $4.50

Temperature Charts for Recording Temperature, Respiration, Pulse, Day of Disease, Date, Age, Sex, Occupation, Name, etc. Put up in pads; each . 50

Thayer. Compend of Pathology.

Specially adapted for Medical Students and Physicians. By A. E. Thayer, m.d., Assistant Instructor in Pathology, Cornell Medical School; Pathologist to the City Hospital, New York City, etc. Illustrated. No. 15? Quiz-Compend? Series. 12mo.

Cloth, .80; Interleaved for Notes, $1.00

Thorington. Retinoscopy. Fourth Edition.

(The Shadow Test) in the Determination of Refraction at One Meter Distance with the Plane Mirror. By James Thorington, a.m., m.d., Professor of Diseases of the Eye in the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Ophthalmologist to the Elwyn, Vineland, and New Jersey State Training Schools for Feeble-minded Children; Lecturer on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Care of the Eyes in the Philadelphia Manual Training Schools, etc. 51 Illustrations, several of which are Colored. Fourth Edition, Enlarged. 12mo. Just Ready. Cloth, $1.00