Refraction and How to Refract. Second Edition.

With 200 Illustrations, most of which are made from Original Drawings, and 13 of which are in Colors. Second Edition, Revised. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50

Synopsis Of Contents

I. Optics. II. The Eye; The Standard Eye; Cardinal Points; Visual Angle; Minimum Visual Angle; Standard Acuteness of Vision; Size of Retinal Image, Accommodation; Mechanism of Accommodation; Far and Near Point; Determination of Distant Vision and Near Point; Amplitude of Accommodation; Convergence; Angle Gamma; Angle Alpha. III. Ophthalmoscope; Direct and Indirect Method. IV. Emmetropia; Hyperopia; Myopia. V. Astigmatism or Curvature Ametropia; Tests for Astigmatism. VI. Retinoscopy. VII. Muscles. VIII. Cycloplegics; Cycloplegia; Asthenopia; Examination of the Eyes. IX. How to Refract. X. Applied Refraction. XL Presbyopia; Aphakia; Anisometropia; Spectacles. XII. Lenses; Spectacle and Eye Glass Frames; How to Take Measurements for Them and How They Should be Fitted. Index.

Thorne. The Schott Methods of the Treatment of Chronic Diseases of the Heart.

With an Account of the Nauheim Baths and of the Therapeutic Exercises. By W. Bezly Thorne, m.d., m.r.c.p. With Plates and Numerous other Illustrations. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Octavo. Cloth, $1.75

Tissier. Pneumatotherapy and Inhalation Methods. See Cohen, Physiologic Therapeutics, page 10.

Tomes' Dental Anatomy.

A Manual of Dental Anatomy, Human and Comparative. By C. S. Tomes, d.d.s. 263 Illustrations. Fifth Edition. 12mo. Cloth, $4.00

Dental Surgery.

A System of Dental Surgery. By John Tomes, f.r.s. Fourth Edition, Thoroughly Revised by C. S. Tomes, d.d.s. With 289 Illustrations. 12mo. 717 pages. Cloth, $4.00

Treves. German-English Medical Dictionary. By Frederick Treves, f.r.c.s., assisted by Dr. Hugo Lang, b.a. (Munich). 12mo. Half Calf, $3.25

Physical Education: Its Effects, Value, Methods, etc. 8vo.

Cloth, .75

Tuke. Dictionary of Psychological Medicine.

Giving the Definition, Etymology, and Synonyms of the Terms used in Medical Psychology, with the Symptoms, Pathology, and Treatment of the Recognized Forms of Mental Disorders, together with the Law of Lunacy in Great Britain and Ireland. Edited by D. Hack Tuke, m.d., ll.d., Examiner in Mental Physiology in the University of London. Two volumes. Octavo. Cloth, $10.00

"A comprehensive, standard book."-The British Medical Journal.

"It is vastly more than a Dictionary. It is an elaborate and complete Encyclopaedia of Psychological Medicine; in fact, a small library in itself on that subject. The high expectations which Dr. Tuke's work in this field had raised are more than fulfilled. ... It will be found to be a most useful reference handbook for the alienist and student. The general physician also cannot fail to find the book exceedingly useful in special cases." - Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

"We believe that the student might obtain a better knowledge of insanity from this work than from most of the text-books, besides a great deal of interesting and valuable information nowhere else accessible." - American Journal of Insanity.

Traube. Physico-Chemical Methods.

By Dr. J. Traube, Privatdocent in the Technical High School of Berlin. Authorized Translation by W. D. Hardin, Harrison Senior Fellow in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania. With 97 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $1.50

Thresh. Water and Water Supplies.

By John C. Thresh, (Lond.), m.d., d.p.h. (Cambridge), Medical Officer of Health to the Essex County Council; Lecturer on Public Health, King's College, London; Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry; Member Society Public Analysts, etc. Second Edition, Revised. Illustrated. 438 pages. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00

Turnbull's Artificial Anesthesia.

A Manual of Anesthetic Agents in the Treatment of Diseases, also their Employment in Dental Surgery; Modes of Administration; Considering their Relative Risks; Tests of Purity; Treatment of Asphyxia; Spasms of the Glottis; Syncope, etc. By Laurence Turnbull, m.d., ph.g., Aural Surgeon to Jefferson College Hospital, etc. Fourth Edition, Revised. 54 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $2.50

Tuson. Veterinary Pharmacopoeia.

Including the Outlines of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By Richard V. Tuson, late Professor at the Royal Veterinary College. Fifth Edition, Edited by James Bayne, f.c.s., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology at the Royal Veterinary College. 12mo. Cloth, $2.25

Tyson. The Practice of Medicine. Second Edition. Just Ready.

A Text-Book for Physicians and Students, with Special Reference to Diagnosis and Treatment. By James Tyson, m.d., Professor of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the University and to the Philadelphia Hospitals, etc. With Colored Plates and many other Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 127 Illustrations. 8vo. 1222 pages.

Cloth, $5.50; Leather, $6.50; Half Russia, #7.50

*** This edition has been entirely reset from new type. The author has revised it carefully and thoroughly, and added much new material and 37 new illustrations.

"This work not only represents the work of a practitioner of great experience, but of a careful culling of the facts set forth in contemporary literature by one who well understands the art of separating the true from the false." - The Journal of the American Medical Association, Chicago.

"Represents the outcome of much well-directed labor, and constitutes a reliable and useful text-book." - The London Lancet.

"Few teachers in the country can claim a longer apprenticeship in the laboratory and at the bedside, none a more intimate acquaintance with students, since in one capacity or another he has been associated with the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Hospital for nearly thirty years. Moreover, he entered medicine through the portal of pathology, a decided advantage in the writer of a text-book. . . . The typography is decidedly above works of this class issued from our publishing houses. There is no American Practice of the same attractive appearance. The print is unusually sharp and clear, and the quality of the paper particularly good. ... It is a piece of good, honest work, carefully conceived and conscientiously carried out." - University Medical Magazine.