Williams. Manual of Bacteriology. Second Edition.

By Herbert U. Williams, m.d., Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Medical Department, University of Buffalo. Second Edition, Revised. 90 Illus. 12mo.

Cloth, $1.50

Wilson. Handbook of Hygiene and Sanitary Science.

By George Wilson, m.a., m.d., f.r.s.e., Medical Officer of Health for Mid-Warwickshire, England. With Illustrations. Eighth Edition. 12mo. Cloth, $3.00

Wilson. The Summer and its Diseases.

By James C. Wilson, m.d., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Cloth, .40

Wilson. System of Human Anatomy.

Eleventh Revised Edition, Edited by Henry Edward Clark, m.d., m.r.c.s. 492 Illustrations, 26 Colored Plates, and a Glossary of Terms. 12mo. Cloth, $5.00

Winckel. Text-Book of Obstetrics.

Including the Pathology and Therapeutics of the Puerperal State. By Dr. F. Winckel, Professor of Gynecology, Royal University Clinic for Women in Munich. Authorized Translation by J. Clifton Edgar, a.m., m.d., Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Midwifery, Cornell University Medical Department, New York. 190 Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $5.00; Leather, $6.00

Windle. Surface Anatomy and Landmarks.

By B. C. A. Windle, Sc.d., m.d., Professor of Anatomy in Mason College, Birmingham, etc. Second Edition, Revised by T. Manners Smith, m.r.c.s. Colored and other Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00

Winternitz. Hydrotherapy - Thermotherapy - Balneology. See Cohen, Physiologic Therapeutics, page 10.

Wood. Brain Work and Overwork.

By H. C. Wood, Clinical Professor of Nervous Diseases, University of Pennsylvania. 12mo. Cloth, .40

Woody. Essentials of Medical and Clinical Chemistry.

With Laboratory Exercises. By Samuel E. Woody, a.m., m.d., Professor of Chemistry and Diseases of Children in the Medical Department, Kentucky University, Louisville. Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth, $ 1.50

"The fact that Prof. Woody's little book has reached a third edition in such a short time is sufficient proof of its usefulness for, and demand by, the medical student. The selection of the material and its plan of presentation, resulting from the author's large experience as a practitioner and teacher of medical chemistry, is well intended to offer to the student that which is really essential for his limited college course, and, it is to be hoped, a basis for further instruction in the important branch of medical science." - The American Journal of Medical Sciences, Philadelphia.

Wright. Ophthalmology. New Edition. 117 Illustrations.

A Text-Book by John W. Wright, a.m., m.d., Professor of Ophthalmology and Clinical Ophthalmology in Ohio Medical University; Ophthalmologist to the Protestant and University Hospitals, etc. Second Edition, Revised, Rewritten, and Enlarged. With many new Illustrations. Just Ready. Cloth, $3.00

The Standard Text-Book

Morris' Anatomy

Second Edition, Enlarged and Improved

790 Illustrations, of which 214 are Colored

Octavo. 1274 Pages. Cloth, $6.00; Leather, $7.00

"Morris' Anatomy" was published at a time when methods of teaching, the art of engraving, and distinct advance in anatomical illustration made desirable a new and modern text-book. The rapid sale of the first edition, its immediate adoption as a text-book by a large number of medical schools, and its purchase by physicians and surgeons proved its value and made it from the day of publication a standard authority.

In making this new edition the editors and publishers have used every endeavor to enhance its value. The text has been thoroughly revised and in many parts rewritten; the editor has devoted himself to the task of making it a harmonious whole; many new illustrations have replaced those used in the first edition, and a large number have been printed in colors, while the typographical appearance has been improved in several particulars.

The illustrations, in correctness and excellence of execution, are equaled by no similar treatise; about $1000 having been expended on new and improved blocks for this edition alone.

*** Circular With Sample Pages And Illustrations Free.

All Prices are Net. No Discount can be allowed Retail Purchasers.

From the Southern Clinic.

" We know of no series of books issued by any house that so fully meets our approval as these

? Quiz-Compends?. They are well arranged, full, and concise, and are really the best line of textbooks that could be found for either student or practitioner."


The Best Series of Manuals for the Use of Students.

Price of each, Cloth, .80. Interleaved for taking Notes, 81.00.

"These Compends are based on the most popular text-books and the lectures of prominent professors, and are kept constantly revised, so that they may thoroughly represent the present state of the subject upon which they treat. The authors have had large experience as Quiz-Masters and attaches of colleges, and are well acquainted with the wants of students. They are arranged in the most approved form, thorough and concise, containing about 800 illustrations, inserted wherever they could be used to advantage. Can be used by students of any college, and contain information nowhere else collected in such a condensed practical shape.

Illustrated Circular Free.

No. 1. Human Anatomy. Sixth Revised and Enlarged Edition. Including Visceral Anatomy. Can be used with either Morris's or Gray's Anatomy. 117 Illustrations and 16 Lithographic Plates of Nerves and Arteries, with Explanatory Tables, etc. By Samuel O. L. Potter, m.d., formerly Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Cooper Medical College, San Francisco; Major and Brigade Surgeon, U. S. Vol.

No. 2. Practice Of Medicine. Part I. Sixth Edition, Revised, Enlarged, and Improved. By Dan'l E. Hughes, m.d., Physician-in-Chief, Philadelphia Hospital; late Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.