From The Philadelphia Medical Journal.

"Many members of the profession to whom Dr. Deaver is well known either personally or by reputation as a surgeon, writer, teacher, and practical anatomist, have awaited the appearance of his Surgical Anatomy with the expectation of finding in it a guide in this difficult branch of medicine of much more than ordinary practical value, and their expectations will not be disappointed.'

From The Journal of the American Medical Association.

"In order to show its thoroughness, it is only necessary to mention that no less than twelve full-page plates are reproduced in order to accurately portray the surgical anatomy of the hand, and it is doubtful whether any better descriptionexists in any work in the English language."

From The Southern California Practitioner.

"Aside from the merit of this great work, it will be a delight to the lover of books. Its gen eral make-up shows the highest development of the book-making art. The bibliophile, when holding one of these volumes in his hands, would be as careful with it as though he were handling an infant, and to drop it would cause him the keenest pain. The illustrations, the print, and the paper and binding are each and all delightful in themselves, and yet the text is concise and clear, and taken with the illustrations make a remarkably good substitute for the dissecting-room. To have these three volumes on his library shelves will be a source of pride and joy and profit to every practitioner. Dr. Deaver has in these volumes conferred a boon upon the medical profession which has, at least, never been surpassed by any one."

From The New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal.

"While the needs of the undergraduate have been fully kept in view, it has been the aim of the author to provide a work which would be sufficient for reference for use in actual practice. We believe the book fulfils both requirements. The arrangement is systematic and the discussion of surgical relations thorough."

Large Descriptive Circular will be sent upon application

Hemmeter. Diseases of the Stomach. Second Edition, Enlarged. Illustrated.

Their Special Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. With Sections on Anatomy, Analysis of Stomach Contents, Dietetics, Surgery of the Stomach, etc. By John C. Hemmeter, m.d., philos.d., Professor in the Medical Department of the University of Maryland; Consultant to the University Hospital; Director of the Clinical Laboratory, etc. Second Revised Edition. With Colored and other Illustrations. Octavo. 890 pages.

Cloth, $6.00; Leather, $7.00; Half Russia, $8.00

The rapid sale of the first edition of this book has encouraged the author to revise it very thoroughly and to add much new material (about 100 pages) and a number of new illustrations. About two-thirds of the book has been actually reconstructed. The section on Dietetics will be found particularly useful.

"A second enlarged and revised edition appearing in a little over a year from the date of the original publication speaks for the popularity and value of the work. This book easily occupies the first place among its sort in the English language and is particularly free from that enthusiastic hobby riding which is not unknown among gastro-enterologists. The bibliographical references are very full and complete, and the work is one of the highest order as well as one of the utmost practical value." - Chicago Medical Recorder.

"This edition of Hemmeter's work on 'Diseases of the Stomach' contains much new and important material. The following articles have been added: Hypertrophic stenosis of the pylorus, obstruction of the orifices, the use and abuse of rest and exercise in the treatment of digestive diseases. Part of the chapter on motor insufficiency, electro-diaphany, hemorrhage from the stomach, and the articles on gastroptosis and enteroptosis have been entirely rewritten. The present edition will undoubtedly gain as many friends as the first edition." - The Medical Record, New York.

"Dr. Hemmeter certainly provides a book which is well worthy of a careful study. ... It treats of many subjects in an original manner, and is not only based on a considerable personal experience, but takes due notice of the labors of other well-known workers in this field." - British Medical Journal.

"Completely scientific, modern, accurate, and creditable. . . . We commend it." - Journal of the American Medical Association.

"We know of no work from which the physician may gain more information than this." -Australian Medical Gazette.

"The consideration of the general methods of clinical examination of the stomach is thoroughly adequate." - Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

"We part from Dr. Hemmeter's book with the sense that it embodies the best knowledge of the time." - London Lancet.

"We wish to express unqualified approval of the tendency which is shown to emphasize the simple and more practical methods of diagnosis." - New York Medical Journal.

"The best contemporary treatise on diseases of the stomach which we possess, not only in America, but in the whole world.' - Prof. I. Boas, of Berlin.

In Preparation by the same Author

Diseases of the Intestines. Original Illustrations

A Complete, Systematic Treatise, Including the Surgical Aspects of the Subject.

Gordinier. The Gross and Minute Anatomy of the Central Nervous System. Colored Illustrations.

By H. C. Gordinier, a.m., m.d., Professor of Physiology and of the Anatomy of the Nervous System in the Albany Medical College; Member American Neurological Association. With 48 Full-page Plates and 213 other Illustrations, a number of which are printed in Colors and many of which are original. Large 8vo. Cloth, $6.00; Sheep, $7.00; Half Russia, $8.00.

It is universally acknowledged that for a proper comprehension of the normal and abnormal activities of an organ a thorough knowledge of its anatomy is absolutely essential. This is particularly true of diseases of the central nervous system, for in no other way can the disease symptoms be explained. Without this knowledge, clinical and pathologic observations are of little avail. This book is not a theoretic and technical student's book, but a.useful working supplement to all works upon general practice and neurology, and as such is destined to mark an epoch in medical literature.