"This is an excellent book on a fascinating subject, and the author deserves the thanks of the English-speaking medical world for his labor in getting it up. There are works enough on general anatomy, and dry enough they are, as we all remember only too well; but the anatomy of the nervous system alone is another matter entirely, for it is one of the most interesting of all subjects of medical study, at the same time that it is one of the most difficult. For both of these reasons the subject is deserving of a treatise by itself, and should not be briefly discussed in a few pages of a general work on anatomy, or in an introductory chapter of a treatise on diseases of the nervous system." - Medical Record, New York.

"The author has made an honest attempt to place in the hands of the English student a comprehensive and accurate text-book, devoid of the many intricacies of modern thought and speculation. For the average man the work will appeal strongly; the facts that he can use are readily found." - The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, New York.

"Throughout the book the descriptions of the gross and minute anatomy are, as a rule, clear, objective, and as easy of comprehension as could be expected of so difficult a subject. The statements are most of them quite didactically made, but this we consider an advantage rather than a defect, especially in a text-book for students as well as practitioners. . . . The chapter on cerebral localization is carefully written, and gives the most recent results on the subject." - The American Journal of Insanity, Baltimore.

"Represents much painstaking research, and bears also the stamp of original investigation. It is unusually well written, and the illustrations, many of which are original, are well chosen. It is destined to take its place among the standard books of its class." - New York Medical Journal.

"This book will be welcomed by teachers, practitioners, and students. It will save teachers and writers on the nervous system the necessity of accompanying their lectures and books on diseases of the nervous system with chapters on anatomy. It is really the first thoroughly systematic work on the anatomy of the central nervous system that has appeared in the English language. The work is the more necessary because diseases of the central nervous system are becoming more and more recognized, and because the works on general anatomy do not pretend to describe the minute anatomy of the central nervous system. Authors of books on neurology recognize the fact that their readers cannot understand the descriptions of the diseases of the central nervous system without a knowledge of the anatomy of the parts involved. The subject is a difficult one at best, but the student who will make an earnest effort to master the details cannot fail to do so with the aid of this work. The author's descriptions are clear, concise, comprehensive, and profusely and beautifully illustrated." - Pacific Medical Journal, San Francisco.

"As there can be no accurate understanding of the diseases of the nervous system without a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, it is no wonder that the average practitioner is as ignorant of neurology as is unfortunately the case. The present volume is a praiseworthy attempt to remove the approach that has thus far rested upon English and American neurology." - Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

"We commend Gordinier's chapter on cerebral localization. This will be especially helpful to clinicians, although all the views expressed in it are not yet outside of the domain of controversy. We should like to say more about Gordinier's book, but space forbids. It is handsomely printed and copiously illustrated, and we can recommend it as a good text-book of nervous anatomy." - Philadelphia Medical Journal.

Just Ready

Practical Gynecology

A Modern Comprehensive Text-Book By E. E. Montgomery, M.D.

Professor of Gynecology, Jefferson Medical College; Gynecologist to the Jefferson Medical

College and St. Joseph's Hospitals; Consulting Gynecologist to the Philadelphia Lying-in Charity

With Five Hundred And Twenty-Seven


Nearly all of which have been Drawn and Engraved Specially for this Work, for the most part from Original Sources

Octavo. 819 Pages Cloth, $5.00; Leather, $6.00; Half Russia, $7.00

Extract From The Preface

This work has been under consideration for the past fifteen years, and much of it has been several times rewritten. An effort has been made to make it a comprehensive work upon the subject, giving the experience and methods of the most careful men, while my own experience has been utilized to indicate that which I have found most useful and worthy of acceptance.

Each general subject is considered with reference to its influence upon the entire genital tract, and the work is divided into sections rather than chapters. This course, although a departure from the ordinary text-book arrangement, is that which experience has demonstrated to be most effective in impressing the subject upon the student, and would seem to me preferable to him who uses the book to refresh his knowledge upon some particular subject. The illustrations are arranged solely with the purpose of rendering clear the text and to promote the work of diagnosis and treatment. For the excellence and character of the illustrations I am greatly indebted to the generosity of the publishers and to the skill and patience of their artists, Messrs. Shannon and Von du Lancken. To the kindly oversight of Dr. Robert L. Dickinson is due much of the exactness of the drawings. Acknowledgment is due Miss Eleanor A. Cantner for her ability in the preparation of preliminary sketches and of the index.

Should it be the means of lightening the work of the student, of making more clear the pathway of the busy practitioner, and, most of all, of benefiting suffering women through improved methods of diagnosis and treatment, I shall feel well repaid for the many days and nights of labor which it has cost.