Therapeutics. Biddle. Materia Medica and

Therapeutics. 13th Edition. 4 00 Coblentz. New Remedies. 1.00 Cohen. Physiologic Therapeutics. 11 Volumes. 22.00 Mays. Theine. - - .50 Potter's Compend. 6th Ed. .80

---------Handbook of Mat. Med.

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Examination Of Urine

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Nervous System

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Visiting Lists. Lindsay and Blakiston's Regular Edition. $1.00 to 2.25

--------- Perpetual Ed. $1.25 to 1.50

--------- Monthly Ed. .75 to 1.00

Second Edition, Just Ready

Tyson's Practice of Medicine

A Text-Book For Practitioners And Students With Special Reference To Diagnosis And Treatment

By James Tyson, ED.

Professor of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the University and

Philadelphia Hospitals, etc.

Colored Plates And 125 Other Illustrations Octavo. 1222 Pages. Cloth, $5,50; Leather, $6.50; Half Russia, $7.50

The object of this book is - first, to aid the student and physician to recognize disease, and, second, to point out the proper methods of treatment. To this end Diagnosis and Treatment receive special attention, while pathology and morbid anatomy have such consideration as is demanded by their importance as fundamental conditions of a thorough understanding of disease. Dr. Tyson's qualifications for writing such a work are unequaled. It is really the outcome of over thirty years' experience in teaching and in private and hospital practice. As a teacher he has, while devoting himself chiefly to clinical medicine, occupied several important chairs, notably those of General Pathology and Morbid Anatomy, and Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, an experience that has necessarily widened his point of view and added weight to his judgment. This, the Second, Edition has been most thoroughly revised, parts have been rewritten, new material and illustrations have been added, and in many respects it may be considered a new book.

"It is in the writing and preparation of a work of this character that Dr. Tyson stands preeminent. Those of the profession - and there are many at this time - who have been fortunate to have been his pupils during their medical student days, will remember that he brought to his lectures and to his writings an amount of industry and care which many other teachers failed to bring; and those who know him best as an author and teacher have expected that his book on the Practice of Medicine, when it appeared, would be a credit to himself, and would increase his reputation as a medical author. This belief has proved correct." - Therapeutic Gazette, Detroit, Mick.

"After a third of a century spent in the assiduous study, practice, and teaching of medicine, and the publication of successful books on various topics, theoretical and practical, the writing of a text-book is not only a proper ambition, but is really expected by students and the profession. So Professor Tyson best shows his modesty by making no apology for the present work." - American Journal of Medical Sciences, Philadelphia.

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Acton. The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Childhood, Youth, Adult Age, and Advanced Life, considered in their Physiological, Social, and Moral Relations. By Wm. Acton, m.d., m.r.c.s. 8th Edition. Cloth, $1.75

Allen. Commercial Organic Analysis.

New Revised Editions. A Treatise on the Properties, Proximate Analytical Examination and Modes of Assaying the Various Organic Chemicals and Products employed in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, etc., with Concise Methods for the Detection and Determination of Impurities, Adulterations, and Products of Decomposition, etc. Revised and Enlarged. By Alfred H. Allen, f.cs., Public Analyst for the West Riding of Yorkshire; Past President Society of Public Analysts of Great Britain. Vol. I. Preliminary Examination of Organic Bodies. Alcohols, Neutral Alcoholic Derivatives, Ethers, Starch and its Isomers, Sugars, Acid Derivatives of Alcohols and Vegetable Acids, etc. Third Edition, with numerous additions by the author, and revisions and additions by Dr. Henry Leffmann, Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy in the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, and in the Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia, etc. With many useful tables. Cloth, $4.50

Vol. II - Part I. Fixed Oils, Fats, Waxes, Glycerin, Soaps, Nitroglycerin, Dynamite and Smokeless Powders, Wool-Fats, Degras, etc. Third Edition, with many useful tables. Revised by Dr. Henry Leffmann, with numerous additions by the author. Cloth, $3.50

Vol. II - Part II. Hydrocarbons, Mineral Oils, Lubricants, Asphalt, Benzene and Naphthalene, Phenols, Creosote, etc. Third Edition, Revised by Dr. Henry Leffmann, with additions by the author. Cloth, $3.50