Practical Hygiene.

With Special Articles on Plumbing, Ventilation, etc. 138 Illustrations. 8vo. Second Edition. In Preparation.

Cripps. Ovariotomy and Abdominal Surgery.

By Harrison Cripps, f.r.c.s., Surgical Staff, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. With 17 Plates and 115 other Illustrations. Large Octavo. Cloth, $8.00

Crocker. Diseases of the Skin.

Their Description, Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment, with Special Reference to the Skin Eruptions of Children. By H. Radcliffe Crocker, m.d., Physician to the Department of Skin Diseases, University College Hospital, London. 92 Illustrations. Third Edition. Preparing.

Cuff. Lectures on Medicine to Nurses.

By Herbert Edmund Cuff, m.d., late Assistant Medical Officer, Stockwell Fever Hospital, England. Second Edition, Revised. With 25 Illustrations. Cloth, $1.25

Cushing. Compend of Histology.

Specially adapted for the use of Medical Students and Physicians. By H. H. Cushing, m.d., Director of Histological and Embryological Laboratories, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; Demonstrator of Histology and Embryology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Illustrated. No. 17? Quiz- Cotnpend? Series. l2mo. Cloth, .80; Interleaved for Notes, $1.00

Dalby. Diseases and Injuries of the Ear. By Sir William B. Dalby, m.d., Aural Surgeon to St. George's Hospital, London. Fourth Edition. With 38 Wood Engravings and 8 Colored Plates. Cloth, $2.50

Davis. Dietotherapy. Food in Health and Disease.

See Cohen, Physiologic Therapeutics, page 10.

Davis. Essentials of Materia Medica and Prescription Writing.

By J. Aubrey Davis, m.d., late Assistant Demonstrator of Obstetrics and Quiz-Master in Materia Medica, University of Pennsylvania. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50

Domville. Manual for Nurses and Others Engaged in Attending to the Sick. By Ed. J. Domville, m.d. Eighth Edition, Revised. With Recipes for Sick-room Cookery, etc. 12mo. Cloth, .75

Donders. Refraction. Portrait of Author.

An Essay on the Nature and the Consequences of Anomalies of Refraction. By F. C. Donders, m.d., late Professor of Physiology and Ophthalmology in the University of Utrecht. Authorized Translation. Revised and Edited by Charles A. Oliver, a.m., m.d. (Univ. Pa.), one of the Attending Surgeons to the Wills Eye Hospital; one of the Ophthalmic Surgeons to the Philadelphia Hospital, etc. With a Portrait of the Author and a Series of Explanatory Diagrams. Octavo.

Half Morocco, Gilt, $1.25

Da Costa. Clinical Pathology of the Blood. Colored Plates.

A Practical Guide to the Examination of the Blood by Clinical Methods, with Reference to the Diagnosis of Disease. By John C. Da Costa, Jr., m.d., Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Assistant in the Medical Clinic, Jefferson Medical College Hospital; Haematologist to the German Hospital. With six Colored Plates and other Illustrations. Octavo.

In Press.

Deaver. Surgical Anatomy. 400 Full-page Plates.

A Treatise on Human Anatomy in its Application to the Practice of Medicine and Surgery. By John B. Deaver, m.d., Surgeon-in-Chief to the German Hospital; Surgeon to the Children's Hospital and to the Philadelphia Hospital; Consulting Surgeon to St. Agnes', St. Timothy's, and Germantown Hospitals; formerly Assistant Professor of Applied Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania, etc. With over 400 very handsome Full-page Illustrations engraved from original drawings made by special artists from dissections prepared for the purpose in the dissecting-rooms of the University of Pennsylvania. Three large volumes. Royal square octavo. Sold by Subscription. Orders taken for complete sets only. Description upon Application. Cloth, $21.00; Half Morocco or Sheep, $24.00; Half Russia, $27.00

Synopsis of Contents.

Volume I

Upper Extremity - Back of Neck, Shoulder, and Trunk - Cranium

- Scalp - Face. Volume II. - Neck - Mouth, Pharynx, Larynx, Nose - Orbit - Eyeball - Organ of Hearing - Brain - Female Perineum - Male Perineum. Volume III. - Abdominal Wall - Abdominal Cavity - Pelvic Cavity - Chest -

Lower Extremity.

"In summing up the general excellences of this remarkable work, we can accord our unqualified praise for the accurate, exhaustive, and systematic manner in which the author has carried out his plan, and we can commend it as a model of its kind, which must be possessed to be appreciated." - The Medical Record, N.ew York.

. Appendicitis. Second Edition.

Its History, Anatomy, Etiology, Pathology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Complications, and Sequelae. A Systematic Treatise, with 22 Plates, 10 of which are Colored, drawn specially for this work. Second Edition, Revised and Rewritten. 8vo. Just Ready. Cloth, $3.50

Dercum. Rest - Mental Therapeutics - Suggestion.

See Cohen, Physiologic Therapeutics, page 10.

Duckworth. On Gout. Illustrated.

A Treatise on Gout. By Sir Dyce Duckworth, m.d. (Edin.), f.r.c.p., Physician to, and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine at, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. With Chromo-lithographs and Engravings. Octavo. Cloth, $6.00

Diihrssen. A Manual of Gynecological Practice.

By Dr. A. Duhrssen, Privat-Docent in Midwifery and Gynecology in the University of Berlin. Translated from the Fourth German Edition and Edited by John W. Taylor, f.r.c.s., Surgeon to the Birmingham and Midlands Hospital for Women; Vice-President of the British Gynecological Society; and Frederick Edge, m.d., m.r.c.p., f.r.c.s., Surgeon to the Wolverhampton and District Hospital for Women. With 105 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50

Dulles. What to Do First In Accidents and Poisoning.

By C. W. Dulles, m.d., Surgeon to the Rush Hospital; formerly Assistant Surgeon 2d Regiment N. G. Pa., etc. Fifth Edition, Enlarged. With new Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00

Edgar. Text-Book of Obstetrics.