"This 'Dictionary' is admirably suited to the uses of the lecture-room, or for the purposes of a medical defining vocabulary - many of the words not yet being found in any other dictionary, large or small, while all of the words are those of the living medical literature of the day." - The Virginia Medical Monthly.

120,000 copies of Gould's Dictionaries have been sold.

Sample pages and descriptive circulars of Gould's Dictionaries free upon application.

Borderland Studies.

Miscellaneous Addresses and Essays Pertaining to Medicine and the Medical Profession, and their Relations to General Science. 350 pages. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00

Gould and Pyle. Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surgery. 72 Special Contributors. Illustrated. One Volume.

A Concise Reference Handbook, Alphabetically Arranged, of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and the various specialties, with Particular Reference to Diagnosis and Treatment. Compiled under the Editorial Supervision of Drs. George M. Gould and W. L. Pyle. With many Illustrations. Large Square 8vo. To correspond with Gould's" Illustrated Dictionary."

Full Sheep or Half Dark-Green Leather, $10.00; With Thumb Index, $11.00

Half Russia, Thumb Index, $12.00

The great success of Dr. Gould's"Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine" suggested the preparation of this companion volume, which should be to the physician the same trustworthy handbook in the broad field of general information that the Dictionary is in the more special one of the explanation of words and the statement of facts. The aim has been to provide in a one-volume book all the material usually contained in the large systems and much which they do not contain. Instead of long, discursive papers on special subjects there are short, concise, pithy articles alphabetically arranged, giving the latest methods of diagnosis, treatment, and operating - a working book in which the editors and their collaborators have condensed all that is essential from a vast amount of literature and personal experience.

The seventy-two special contributors have been selected from all parts of the country in accordance with their fitness for treating special subjects about which they may be considered expert authorities. They are all men of prominence, teachers, investigators, and writers of experience, who give to the book a character unequaled by any other work of the kind.

At each reprinting this Cyclopedia is carefully revised and augmented so as to include important innovations and in order to keep it up-to-date.

"The book is a companion volume to Gould's 'Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine,' which every physician should possess. With these two books in his library, every busy physician will save a vast amount of time in having at hand an instant reference cyclopedia covering every subject in surgery and medicine." - Chicago Medical Recorder.

Compend of Diseases of the Eye and Refraction.

Including Treatment and Operations, with a Section on Local Therapeutics. With Formulae, Glossary, and several Tables. Second Edition. 109 Illustrations, several of which are Colored. No. 8? Quiz-Compend? Series.

Cloth, .80; Interleaved for Notes, $1.00

Gordinier. The Gross and Minute Anatomy of the Central Nervous System. 261 Illustrations.

By H. C. Gordinier, a.m., m.d., Professor of Physiology and of the Anatomy of the Nervous System in the Albany Medical College; Member American Neurological Association. With 48 Full-page Plates and 213 other Illustrations, a number of which are printed in Colors and many of which are original. Large 8vo.

Handsome Cloth, $6.00; Sheep, $7.00; Half Russia, $8.00

It is universally acknowledged that for a proper comprehension of the normal and abnormal activities of an organ a thorough knowledge of its anatomy is absolutely essential. This is particularly true of diseases of the central nervous system, for in no other way can the disease-symptoms be explained. Without this knowledge, clinical and pathological observations are of little avail. This book is not a theoretic and technical student's book, but a useful working supplement to all works upon general practice and neurology, and as such is destined to mark an epoch in medical literature.

The illustrations, of which there are a large number, are chiefly from the author's own preparations. They have been reproduced in the very best manner, the publishers' aim being to give results that are scientifically correct and at the same time pleasing to the eye. In order that certain pictures may be more faithfully shown, they have been printed in colors; this will bring out the details perfectly, and enable the student to quickly recognize their relative value. Those illustrations borrowed from others have generally been remade, so that they will harmonize with the general style adopted for the work. In some cases these have been improved upon in details which the originals failed to make clear.

"This is an excellent book on a fascinating subject, and the author deserves the thanks of the English-speaking medical world for his labor in getting it up. There are works enough on general anatomy, and dry enough they are, as we all remember only too well; but the anatomy of the nervous system alone is another matter entirely, for it is one of the most interesting of all subjects of medical study at the same time that it is one of the most difficult. For both of these reasons the subject is deserving of a treatise by itself, and should not be briefly discussed in a few pages of a general work on anatomy or in an introductory chapter of a treatise on diseases of the nervous system.' - The New York Medical Record.

Gorgas' Dental Medicine.

A Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By Ferdinand J. S. Gorgas, m. d. , d.d.s., Professor of the Principles of Dental Science, Oral Surgery, and Dental Mechanism in the Dental Department of the University of Maryland. Sixth Edition, Revised and Enlarged, with many Formulae. 8vo.