Catalogue No. 1. - A complete list of the titles of all our publications on Medicine, Dentistry,

Pharmacy, and Allied Sciences, with Classified Index.

Catalogue No. 3. - Pharmaceutical Books.

Catalogue No. 4. - Books on Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

Catalogue No. 5. - Books for Nurses and Lay Readers.

Catalogue No. 6. - Books on Dentistry and Books used by Dental Students.

Catalogue No. 7. - Books on Hygiene and Sanitary Science; Including Water and Milk

Analysis, Microscopy, Physical Education, Hospitals, etc.

Catalogue No. 8. - List of about 300 Standard Books classified by Subjects.

Special Circulars

Morris' Anatomy ; Gould and Pyle's Cyclopedia ; Deaver's Surgical

Anatomy; Tyson's Practice; Gould's Medical Dictionaries; Books on the Eye; Books on Diseases of the Nervous System; The? Quiz-Compend? Series, Visiting Lists, etc. We can also furnish sample pages of most of our publications.

P. Blakiston's Son & Co.'s publications may be had through the booksellers in all the principal cities of the United States and Canada, or any book will be sent, postpaid, upon receipt of the price. Special terms of payment will be allowed to those of approved credit. No discount can be allowed retail purchasers under any circumstances. Money should be remitted by express or post-office money order, registered letter, or bank draft.