Spirit of Mindererus is obtained by saturating diluted acetic acid with carbonate of ammonia, being a solution of the acetate of ammonia.

It is a colorless liquid, with a saline taste, and requires to be freshly made when about to be used.

Medical Properties And Action

It is refrigerant, diaphoretic, and diuretic, and its action can be greatly increased by combination with other remedies. Few medicines are in more general use.

Therapeutic Uses

Spirit of mindererus is employed in the treatment of febrile and inflammatory affections, and exanthemata, sick headache, catarrh and influenza, etc., etc. Externally it is used as a lotion to sprains, bruises, glandular enlargements, etc.


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Dental Uses

A lotion composed of one part to ten of water is a serviceable application in inflamed conditions of mucous membrane. Internally administered as a refrigerant it is useful in acute periosteal inflammation, inflammation of the dental pulp - pulpitis, and is a diaphoretic and refrigerant in periodontitis, when it may be combined with either aconite or opium, or both.