HO - C9H6NH - O - So2 - C6H4 - O - Nhc9h6 - OH.


Oxyquinaseptol is a union of two molecules of oxyquinolin and one molecule of asceptol, i. e., phenolsulfonic acid.

Medical Properties And Uses

Oxyquinaseptol is an energetic antiseptic, having little or no caustic action. Three per cent. solutions possess anti-bacterial properties, and one per cent solutions are sufficient for the treatment of wounds, as it is the least poisonous of antiseptics. It is preferred by Kronacherand Brandt to carbolic acid or sublimate on account of its extreme antiseptic properties in small concentrations, and because of its insignificant toxic effects. It is prescribed in powder or pill form, and in thirty to fifty per cent. solutions.

Oxyquinaseptol, in the non-precipitated form, is of a yellowish sulphur color, with a slight phenol odor, while the precipitate is white.

Dental Uses

As an antiseptic in all affections requiring antisepsis, such as putrescent pulps, abscess, fistulous openings, suppuration from necrosis of maxillary bones. Dr. Brandt, of Berlin, asserts that at the present time no antiseptic material exists which is more valuable for like cases than diaphtherin.