In preparing the Sixth Edition of the "Dental Medicine," the author has conscientiously endeavored to further improve a treatise which has become a text-book for the dental student, and a work of reference for the dental practitioner.

It has been his aim not only to make additions to the present volume, but also to so improve it as to render it worthy of a continuance of the favor heretofore so generously bestowed upon those which have preceded it.

The general arrangement of this new edition is the same as in the previous one, and all parts have been carefully revised and corrected.

A work of this character should, as far as is possible, be a complete, as well as a practical exposition of the source or derivation, properties and methods of application or administration, and also the uses of the various drugs now employed in dental practice.

And, as cases often occur in the treatment of which old and familiar remedies are employed in vain, it is well that we should possess a knowledge of other and more recent ones to the use of which we may successfully resort. A number of drugs and combinations have been recently introduced, some of which appear to be very valuable additions to the dental materia medica; and it has been the aim of the author to bring the description and application of such drugs as are useful up to the date of publication of this new edition. As a general rule, such information has only appeared in domestic and foreign journals, which are often practically inaccessible; hence, the necessity for a work on dental medicine, and its frequent revision in order to meet the advance of this branch of dental science.

Important additions have been made to the text, a new chapter on Cataphoresis has been inserted, and among the new remedies which have been added are: Eucaine, Borolyptol, Ammonol, Euthymol, Formaline, Glyco-Thymoline, Pasteurine, Sanitol. etc., etc.

Ferdinand J. S. Gorgas. Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore, Md.