Phenate or Carbolate of Soda is obtained by mixing one part of caustic soda with five parts of carbolic acid, and a small quantity of water, and evaporating the solution, the result being a saponaceous mass of acicular crystals of a light pinkish color, which are converted by the heat into a fluid of an oily consistence. It is freely soluble in creasote, carbolic acid and water.

Medical Properties And Action

Phenate of soda is hemostatic, antiseptic and disinfectant.

Therapeutic Uses

It is internally administered in the form known by the French name of Phenol Sodique, in doses of gtt. viij or gtt. x in a glass of water, in typhus and typhoid fevers, as a preventive of cholera, in plagues, cholera infantum, etc.; externally, it is a valuable styptic in local hemorrhage, and as a dressing for wounds, burns, chilblains, excoriations, varicose veins, venomous stings and bites, and as a disinfectant in throat affections, leucorrhaea, diphtheria, scarlatina, smallpox, ozaena, etc. Dental Uses. - Phenate of soda is useful in dental practice, as an astringent and styptic in hemorrhage following the extraction of teeth, and to relieve the soreness of such an operation, as it promotes the rapid absorption of the extravasated blood, and the healing and hardening of the gums. It is applied on a pellet of cotton, or in solution with water, and acts as a sedative and antiphlogistic as well as a hemostatic, and has little or no escha-rotic action. For soft and spongy gums it forms an efficient gargle or mouth wash, and can be employed for this purpose in its full strength, in the form of phenol sodique, or diluted with from one to twelve parts of water. When applied on cotton to an exposed and inflamed pulp, it relieves odontalgia. It is also employed in aphthous ulcerations of the mouth, and as a disinfectant in offensive breath, in the proportion of a teaspoonful to a glass of water.

Dental Formulae

Phenol Sodique,

Pure melted carbolic acid........... 5 parts

Solution of caustic soda, specific gravity 1: 332 . . I part

Distilled water................ 5 parts.


Dental Formulae 1416

A Phenol Sodique Preparation.

Acidi carbolici . .




To be applied on a pellet of cotton, or as a mouth wash, diluted to meet requirements of case.

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