Antimony (Sb. = 119.3) is extracted from the native sulphide, chiefly, occurring in France, Germany, and Ontario.


Central Nervous System. - Depression from direct action on the nerve cell.

Muscular System. - Vitality lowered; direct action.

Respiration. - Accelerated at first from centric action. Later, slowed and weakened from local disturbances of circulation.

Heart. - Accelerated at first, reflexly from the stomach; later slowed and weakened from depressant action on the heart muscle.

Blood-pressure falls. Due in part to weak heart, but due chiefly to splanchnic vasodilatation from toxic action on the cells of the muscle coat.

Alimentary Tract. - Antimony seems to exert a specific irritation on the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Secretory Glands. - Antimony stimulates secretion of perspiration and saliva, and mucus from the bronchial glands; reflex.

Metabolism. - Antimony tends to cause a decrease of glycogen, an increase of nitrogen elimination, and fatty infiltration.

Temperature is lowered by the secondary slowed circulation, profuse perspiration, and weakness.

Absorption is very slow from skin and gastro-intestinal mucosa.

Excretion takes place slowly in the urine, stools, and bile.

Local Action. - Antimony is irritant and pustulant to the hair follicles and to the sweat-glands.


Therapeutic Doses.

Acrid taste.


Nausea and vomiting.

Free perspiration.


Toxic Doses.

Violent, continuous vomiting, becoming slimy and bloody. Profuse, watery diarrhea. Weak, slow, irregular pulse. Cold, clammy perspiration. Face and extremities cyanotic. Slow, irregular respiration. Lowered temperature. Collapse and coma. Respiratory failure.


Antimony, in the form of Ta-tar Emetic, has been much used in the past for its emetic properties; but since we have other drugs equally satisfactory in action and less dangerous, it would seem as if Antimony might well be discarded entirely from the Materia Medica.


Antimonii et Potassii Tartras, 0.03 to 0.1 Gm. (0.1 Gm. has proved fatal in some cases.)

Antimony 77

Green = irritation. Violet:= depression.