The Bromides are the bromine salts of the alkali metals. The principal salts in use are those of sodium and potassium. The Bromide action is best obtained from the sodium salt.


Central Nervous System. - The Bromides produce a depression of the intellectual and motor areas of the cerebrum, the mnemonic functions, the medulla slightly, the spinal reflexes on both the motor and sensory sides, and suspend the sexual instinct.

Muscular System. - Not affected. •

Respiration slowed under large doses; centric action.

Heart is not affected directly.

Blood-pressure. - Not affected.

Alimentary tract is irritated by the high osmotic effect.

Secretory Glands. - Sweat-glands are depressed; local effect.

Metabolism. - The Bromides produce a reduction of the phosphates in the urine; they also tend to displace the chloride ion in the tissues.

Temperature. - Lessened through bodily inactivity.

Absorption is very rapid from alimentary tract.

Excretion. - The Bromides appear early in the urine, but are very slowly eliminated as a whole, traces being still found in the urine two months after the administration of a single dose. Excretion occurs in small amounts from the skin, lungs, and mammary glands, bromism having been noted in the nursing infant.

Local Action. - Not determined.

Tolerance. - Slowly increasing doses necessary for maintaining therapeutic effects; often, as rapid mental deterioration.


Therapeutic Doses.

Mental dullness. Lassitude. Physical apathy. Lowered reflexes. Drowsiness. Unrefreshing sleep. Post-hypnotic dullness.

Bromism from Continued Use.

Extensive, intractahle acne. Loss of appetite. Digestive disturbances. Foul breath. Heavy, lustreless eyes. Uncertain gait. Lowered vital resistance. Very defective memory. Mental apathy.


The chief indication for the use of the Bromides is to allay undue spinal irritation of an acute form.

The Bromides have been used extensively for the treatment of epilepsy; but as the patients are never cured by the treatment, and as the continued use of the Bromides entails an inevitable mental and physical deterioration, this method of treatment becomes very questionable.

The Bromides ought never to be given to normal children.


Sodii Bromidum, I to 4 Gm.

Bromides 79

Violet = depression.