1. Make two muscle preparations. Place them in glass capsules, and obtain normal curves with both the slow and fast drums. Then fill one capsule with Ringer's solution, and the other with Ringer's containing 0.1% solution Cocaine Hydrochloride. Take records every half minute, letting every third record be on the fast drum. Compare results for indications.

2. Make two nerve-muscle preparations. Place both in watch-glasses containing Ringer's solution, but have the nerves exposed on filter paper liberally wet - one with Ringer's, the other with 2% Cocaine solution. Make tests every 20 seconds of nerve conductivity, using weak single-shock break stimuli.

3. Expose heart of pithed frog, and obtain normal tracings. Continuing tracings, flood heart with 2% solution Cocaine.

4. Obtain normal tracings of heart of pithed frog. Inject 1 mil 0.3% solution Cocaine into lymph sac of thigh.

5. Into a rabbit's eye place 1 drop of a 2% solution Cocaine. Essay an explanation of ensuing phenomena.

6. Using an etherized cat, obtain the usual mechanical registrations; also temperature. Into the jugular vein run a warm 0.5% solution Cocaine (in Locke's solution) at the rate of 1 mil every 2 minutes. Continue until animal dies.

7. Place some 2% solution on the lip and on the side of the tongue. After 3 to 5 minutes, test parts for sensitivity.

8. Using a small dog, inject subcutaneously 2.5 mg. x kg. Cocaine. Follow temperature variations for 2 hours.

9. In the minor surgery clinic, and in the clinics of operative ophthalmology and rhinology, secure data concerning the utility of Cocaine in obtunding sensation.

10. Consult the literature for the relative merits of the various Cocaine substitutes.

Experiment No. 1. Kymograph records of Cocaine action on frog muscle:

Experiment No. 2. Report of Cocaine action on nerve conductivity:

Experiment No. 3. Kymograph records of Cocaine action on heart muscle direct

Experiment No. 4. Heart curve as affected by Cocaine in lymph sac. Frog:

Experiment No. 5. Effect of Cocaine in eye of rabbit:

Experiment No. 6. Kymograph records of Cocaine intravenously. Cat:

Experiment No. 7. Report of Cocaine action on sensitivity of mucosa:

Experiment No. 8. Effect of Cocaine on temperature. Dog:

Cocaine 52

Experiment No. 9. Report from minor surgery clinic:

Report from clinic of operative ophthalmology:

Report from clinic of operative rhinology:

Experiment No. 10.

Anaesthetic action

Rapidity of action



Effect on pupil