Decoctions are aqueous extracts of the water-soluble constituents of vegetable substances, extracted by boiling for 15 minutes. The standard formula for Decoctions makes the original weight of the drug represent 0.5% of the finished product; but with energetic substances this would be too strong.

Decoctions should be freshly made, and discreetly used.

There are no official Decoctions.

Make a Decoction of coffee after the standard formula: Into a suitable covered vessel place 5 Gm. ground coffee; over it pour 100 mils cold water, cover it well, and boil for 15 minutes. Cool to 400 C, strain through thick cheese-cloth, expressing as much as possible; then pass enough cold water through the strainer to bring the product up to 100 mils.







Decoction of Coffee

Active diuretic

Heat your Decoction as hot as can be comfortably drunk. Void your urine. Drink the hot Decoction of coffee. Take hourly record of your kidney activity for the next five hours. Compare the resulting graph with a similar record taken some other day when no coffee is consumed.