Elixirs are sweetened, aromatic, alcohol solutions. Because of the high alcohol content, they make good vehicles for the administration of tinctures and fluidextracts. They are not suitable as vehicles for the various salts, and are incompatible with chloral hydrate.

Prepare the official Elixir Aromaticum as follows: To 1.2 mils compound spirit of orange add enough alcohol to make 25 mils; then add 37.5 mils syrup, 10 mils at a time, shaking thoroughly after each addition; then in the same manner add 37.5 mils water. Next, intimately mix 3 Gm. purified talc with the above liquid, and filter through a wetted filter, refiltering until the filtrate is clear and transparent. Finally, wash the filter with 25% alcohol to make the total product equal 100 mils. (Place in stock, after examination.)

Properties of your Elixir, and of the other official Elixir:






Elixir Aromaticum

Alcoholic vehicle

Elixir Glycyrrhizse = Elix. Arom. + 14% Flex. Glycyrrhizae

Vehicle for cough medicines