Pepsin is a ferment derived from the stomach of the pig.

Its sole known action is that of proteolysis, acting in an acid medium only. Its use is indicated in those rare conditions where there is known absence of pepsin in the gastric secretion.

Dose. - Pepsinum, 0.2 to 0.6 Gm.

Pancreatin is obtained from the fresh pancreas of the pig.

Pancreatin acts in an alkaline medium. It splits proteins, converts starches to sugars, and saponifies and emulsifies fats.

It can be used for its digestive properties, but is quickly rendered inert by a short exposure to acid gastric juice. Its chief medicinal value is obtained when used to pre-digest food for weak invalids, and to split the proteins of nutrient enemata, so they are more readily absorbable by the rectal mucosa.

Dose. - Pancreatinum, 0.5 Gm.