Pancreatinum, Pepsinum, Suprarenalum Siccum, Thyroideum Siccum. • Pancreatinum is an extract of the fresh pancreas of hog or of ox, and consists principally of the enzymes, amylopsin, trypsin and steapsin, with some inert material.

Pepsin is an extract of the fresh endogastrium of the hog, and consists principally of a proteolytic ferment.

Suprarenalum Siccum consists of the cleaned, dried, powdered suprarenal glands of various food animals. It should contain not less than 0.4% of epinephrine, the active pressor principle of the gland. In the British Pharmacopoeia, a 1-1000 solution in N. S. is official, and is a convenient way of using the drug.

Thyroideum Siccum consists of the cleaned, dried, and powdered thyroid glands of food animals, and contains not less than 0.17% of iodine in thyroid combination.




Suprarenal, sic.

Thyroid, sic.





Sol.: H2O


Ac. Tann. in aq. solut.

Utility in medicine

Predigesting proteins, fats, and carbohyd.

Predigesting proteins;

Treating Apepsia.

Inducing local anemia; By hypo, to elevate

B. P.

Curative, Myxcedema, Cretinism.

Label 12 test-tubes A to L. In A, B, G and H place 6 mils each freshly prepared starch paste; in C, D, I and J place 6 mils each skimmed milk; in E, F, K and L place 6 mils olive oil. To A, C, E, G, I and K add 10 mg. each Na2C03; to the others, add 0.2 mil each dil. HC1. To A to F inclusive add 5 mg. each pepsin; to the others add 10 mg. each pancreatin. Place all in a water bath kept at constant 400 C. After 30 minutes examine each test-tube, and note whatever changes may have occurred. Make appropriate tests of samples from each. Repeat after a further hour of enzyme activity.

Make suitable analytical tests:



1/2 hour

11/2 hour

1/2 hour

11/2 hour

A, G - Starch, alk.

B, H - Starch, acid

C, I - Milk, alk.

D, J - Milk, acid

E, K - Oil, alk.

F, L - Oil, acid

Identity of Unknowns:

Glandular Preparations 12