Infusions are aqueous extracts of the water-soluble constituents of vegetable substances. They are usually made by treating the substance with boiling hot water; but if heat injures the vegetable principles, cold water may be substituted.

The weight of the drug used is 0.5% of the weight of the finished product.

Infusions should be freshly made, and discreetly used.

Prepare the official Infusum Digitalis as follows: Pour 50 mils boiling water on 1.5 Gm. bruised digitalis leaves. Allow it to macerate one hour. Then strain, add 15 mils cinnamon water, and pass enough distilled water through the residue on the strainer to make the product equal 100 mils. Mix well, place in a small bottle, and examine every week for one month.

Properties of your preparation, and the other official Infusion.






Infusum Digitalis

Renal dropsy; 4 mils, cautiously

Infusum Sennae Compositum

Cathartic; 120 mils