Masses are solid preparations of such soft cohesiveness that they may be formed readily into pills.

Prepare the official Massa Ferri Carbonatis (Vallet's Mass) as follows: Dissolve 10 Gm. ferrous sulphate in 20 mils boiling, distilled water; add 2 mils syrup; filter, and let cool. Dissolve 4.6 Gm. monohydrated sodium carbonate in 20 mils boiling distilled water, filter, and let cool. When both solutions are cold, place the sodium solution in a flask of 50 mils capacity, and gradually add the iron solution, agitating frequently until there is no further evolution of carbonic gas. Fill the flask with distilled water, cork, and set aside until the subsidence of the ferrous carbonate is complete. Pour off the supernatant liquid, and, by decantation, wash the salt with a mixture of syrup, 1 part, and distilled water, 19 parts, until the washings no longer have a salty taste. Drain the precipitate on a cloth strainer, express all the water possible, and mix with the precipitate 3.8 Gm. clarified honey and 2.5 Gm. sugar; then, with constant stirring, evaporate in a tared dish over a water bath, until the completed product weighs 10 Gm.

This preparation should contain not less than 35% FeCO3.

Properties of your preparation, and of the other official Mass.:






M. Ferri Carb.

Extemp. iron administration; av. dose, 0.25 Gm.

M. Hydrargyri

Undesirable form for the administ. of mercury