In this section are presented for study the more important medicines official in the United States Pharmacopoeia. The student is asked to note carefully the more important physical properties, and some of the principal chemical incompatibilities. At the same time he should take cognizance of the origin of the drug, its leading utilities, and the dose - not that he will necessarily be expected to remember all these details en masse at this time, but to make less arduous the ultimate acquirement of this related information.

Work should be performed in stated sequence, unless otherwise stipulated by the instructor, Findings should be written in, neatly and orderly, not only because neatness and orderliness are desirable virtues for their own sake, but because the student would also wish to have his part in writing this book a commendable one.

Besides the usual recommended texts and references, the following books may be further consulted, with profit as well as pleasure: U. S. Pharmacopoeia, U. S. Dispensatory, Kraemer's Scientific and Applied Pbarmacognosy, Remington's Pharmacy.