Powders are triturated mixtures of dry medicinal substances. Except for Seidlitz Powder, the official powders are all insoluble.

Prepare the official Pulvis Cretae Compositus as follows: Thoroughly mix by trituration 2 Gm. finely powdered acacia, 5 Gm. powdered sugar, and 3 Gm. prepared chalk. When intimately mixed, pass through a No. 60 sieve. (Reserve for next group.)

Examine the following official Powders:






P. Aromaticus

A flavor

P. Cretae Compositus


P. Effervescens Comp. (Seidlitz Powder)

Aperient; dose, 1 set of 2 powders

P. Glycyrrhizae Comp.

Laxative; 4 Gm.

P. Ipecac, et Opii (Dover's Powder)

Abortant for "colds"; 0.5 Gm.

P. Jalapae Comp.

Vigorous purge; 2 Gm.

P. Rhei Compositus (Gregory's Powder)

Sharp cathartic; av. dose, 2 Gm.

Make trial Seidlitz Powders as follows: Mix 15 Gm. dry, finely powdered sodium bicarbonate intimately with 45 Gm. dry, finely powdered potassium and sodium tartrate. Divide the mixture into 6 equal parts, and wrap each part in a separate blue paper.

Divide 13 Gm. dried, finely powdered tartaric acid into 6 equal parts, and wrap each part in a separate white paper.

Keep these powders in a dry, well-protected container. Take one or two doses, mixed in water, before breakfast, and note effect.