Besides the thymol studied above, several other drugs are used for the expulsion of worms from the human body. These are:

Aspidium, which consists of the rhizomes and stipes of Dryopteris Filix-mas, or of D. marginalis (Fam. Polypodiacece). From the powdered drug is obtained the active Oleoresina Aspidii.

Santoninum, which is a neutral principle, the inner anhydride of santonic acid, is obtained from the unexpanded flower-heads of Artemisia pauciflora, or "Levant Wormseed" (Fam. Compositae).

Quassia, which is the wood of Picrasma excelsa, or that of Quassia amara (both of the Fam. Simarubacece).


Oleores. Aspid.







Solubility: H2O


Oleoresina Aspidii is an efficient anthelmintic for the treatment of tapeworm ( Taenice). Single dose, 2 Gm., once a day.

Santonin is an efficient, though sometimes toxic, anthelmintic for the treatment of round-worm (Ascaris lumbricoides). Dose, 0.06 Gm.

Quassia, in the form of warm aqueous extracts injected into the rectum and sigmoid, is an efficient anthelmintic in the treatment of thread- or seat-worms (Oxyuris vermicularis).