Sal-i-ka'se-e. L. Sali(x)c + aceae, willow, from Celtic sal, near, + lis, water - i. e., its favored place of growth; or L. salire, to leap - its rapid growing. Trees, shrubs. Distinguished by light wood, bitter bark, alternate, stipulate leaves, dioecious flowers, both kinds in catkins, 1 to each bract, no perianth; fruit 1-celled, 2-4-valved pod, many-seeded, each with long silky hairs at one end, but covering it; ovary 1-celled, superior; stamens 2 or more; temperate climates; tonic, astringent, febrifuge, stimulant; timber, basket-making, seed hair for cushions.

Genera: 1. Salix. 2. Fopulus.