San-ta-la'se-e. L. Santal-um aceae. Pers. name sandul, useful, or fr. L. sandal, Gr.

19 Santalaceae Sandalwood Family 257

the classic name tor Skt. chandana - chand, snine; L. canaere, to shine - i. e., polished woody surface shines. Herbs, shrubs, trees. Distinguished by leaves entire, exstipu-late; calyx 3-6-lobed, coherent with 1-celled ovary, superior, valvate; flowers perfect, greenish, petals none, stamens 3-9, ovules 1-4, suspended; fruit 1-seeded, drupe or nut; temperate climates, tropics; astringent, seed oily, fruit edible. Genus: 1. Santalum.