Ko-le-op'te-ra. L. pl. of coleopterum, fr. Gr.

2 Coleoptera Coleopterous Family 838

a sheath, +

2 Coleoptera Coleopterous Family 839

a wing -

2 Coleoptera Coleopterous Family 840

sheath-winged - i. e., insects having the posterior pair of wings membranous and sheathed by the hardened anterior pair, called elytra, which, when folded together, usually form a nearly complete covering of the body. This family includes the beetles and weevils, all of which not only have their 2 pairs of wings arranged as above described, but their mouth parts, forming 2 pairs of jaws (mandibles and maxillae), adapted for chewing. The larva is variable, having 6 legs or none, no prolegs, pupa inactive; metamorphosis is complete. Genus: 1. Cantharis.