Ar-is-to-lo-ki-a'se-e. L. Aristolochi-a + aceae, fr. Gr.

20 Aristolochiaceae Birthwort Family 259


20 Aristolochiaceae Birthwort Family 260

childbirth - i. e., once thought to ease labor. Low herbs, climbing shrubs. Distinguished by abounding in bitter principles and volatile oils; flowers perfect, dull color; calyx conspicuous, lurid, tubular, coherent with 6-celled ovary, forming a many-seeded, 6-celled capsule or berry fruit; petals none; stamens 6-12, epigynous; leaves cordate, entire, petioled; temperate climates; tonic, stimulant, acrid, cures snake bites.

Genus: 1. Aristolochia.