Ra-nung-ku-la'se-e. L. Ranuncul-us + aceae, dim. of rana, a frog; hence little frog, as many species grow in moist places near that reptile. Herbs, shrubs with colorless, acrid, poisonous juice. Distinguished by flowers being regular or irregular, most complete; organs all distinct; no adhesion or cohesion; often yellow; sepals 3-15, mostly 5 (often petaloid); petals 3-15; only 1 circle; stamens many, hypog-ynous; pistils distinct; seed albuminous, superior; temperate climates; narcotic, bitter, tonic, poisonous.

Genera: 1. Hydrastis. 2. Cimicifuga. 3. Delphinium. 4. Aconitum.