Ber-be-ri-da'se-e. L. Berber(is)id + aceae, fr. Berberys - i. e., Arabic name of the fruit. Shrubs, herbs with watery juice. Distinguished by few stamens (same number as petals and opposite them) in 2-3 whorls, anthers opening by 2-hinged valves (Podophyllum, longitudinal, as in Ranunculaceae); leaves usually with spiny teeth, sometimes reduced to spines or barbs, hence the name barberry; sepals and petals in 2 rows, 3 each, imbricate; ovary 1-celled, superior; temperate climates, tropics; cathartic, astringent, bitter, acrid (oxalic), yellow dye.

Genus: 1. Podophyllum.