La-ra'se-e. L. Laur-us + aceae, bay tree, fr. Celtic blaur (laur, the b dropped), signifying green - i. e., referring to plant's foliage. Trees, shrubs. Distinguished by being aromatic (volatile oils); leaves simple, pellucid-dotted; flowers polygamous, calyx 4-6, in 2 rows, petaloid, regular; stamens perigynous, distinct, anthers opening by 2-4 uplifted valves; ovary 1-celled; ovules 1 in each cell; fruit drupe or berry; tropics, temperate climates; aromatic, stimulant (vol. oil), narcotic, sudorific, tonic, stomachic, febrifuge, astringent; timber, some fruit edible.

Genera: 1. Sassafras. 2. Cinnamomum.