Pa-pav-e-ra'se-e. L. Papaver + aceae, poppy, OE, papy, Gr.

28 Papaveraceae Poppy Family 347

classic name, fr. papa, pap or thick milk - i. e., formerly Used tor children - to nourish and cause sleep. Herbs, shrubs, with milky or colored juice. Distinguished by the 2-3 fugacious sepals and minute embryo near base of fleshy albumin; flowers large, in 2's or 4's; petals 4-12; stamens 16 +; ovary compound, 1-celled; anthers 2-celled, superior; fruit capsule; temperate climates; narcotic, emetic, cathartic, acrid poison. Genera: 1. Papaver. 2. Sanguinaria.