Ham-a-me-li-da'se-e. L. Hamamel(is)-id + aceae, fr. Gr.

30 Hamamelidaceae Witch Hazel Family 366

together with, +

30 Hamamelidaceae Witch Hazel Family 367

lit (apple) - i. e., flowers and iruit together on the tree. Shrubs, trees. Distinguished by fragrant balsamic properties; ovary inferior, 2-celled, consisting of 2 pistils united below, forming 2-beaked, 2-celled, woody capsule; ovules 1 in each cell, pendent from cell apex, becoming bony seed; stamens 8, 4 perfect, 4 scale-like, sterile; flowers, heads or spikes, sometimes apetalous; calyx and petals 4-5; temperate climates, tropics; bitter, astringent, acrid, balsamic.

Genera: 1. Hamamelis. 2. Liquidambar.