Ro-za'se-e. L. Ros'a + aceae, fern. pl. rosace-us, rose-like, fr. rosa, a rose. Trees, shrubs, herbs. Distinguished by astringency, succulent edible fruits, prickles and warts on woody surfaces; flowers regular, 5's; stamens inserted on calyx-tube, perigynous; calyx 4-5-lobed - when 5 the odd lobe posterior; anthers 2-celled; pistil 1-many, usually distinct; fruit often edible; seed exalbuminous. The yellow and white flowers resemble Ranunculaceae, where, however, the stamens and pistils are inserted on the torus, but in Rosaceae on the calyx; temperate climates; astringent, tonic, anthelmintic; fruit edible.

Genus: 1. Rosa.