Pa-pil-i-o-na'se-e. L. Papilio-n + aceae, butterfly - i. e., alluding to the corolla being butterfly-shaped. Herbs, shrubs, vines, trees. Distinguished by leaves compound, stipulate; flowers papilionaceous, calyx 4-5-toothed, petals perigynous or hypogynous, upper one enclosing the lateral ones in the bud, stamens usually 10; pistil 1, ovary 1-celled; fruit legume or loment, 1-many-seeded; universal; astringent, antispasmodic, demulcent, sedative, dye, poisonous, timber.

Genera: 1. Toluifera. 2. Astragalus. 3. Pterocarpus. 4. Glycyr-rhiza. 5. Cytisus. 6. Vouacapoua (Andira). 7. Physostigma.