Ru-ta'se-e. L. Rut-a + aceae, fern. pl. of rutaceus, of or resembling rue, fr. Gr.

39 Rutaceae Rue Family 463

to flow - i. e., referring to medicinal properties (female). Trees, herbs, shrubs. Distinguished by leaves exstipulate, dotted with pellucid glands, containing aromatic volatile oil; sepals, 4-5; petals 4-5, imbricated; ovary connate or united by base, style, or stigma, superior; stamens distinct, equal or double the petals; albuminous or exalbuminous; tropics; antispasmodic, tonic, febrifuge, diuretic.

Genera: 1. Xanthoxylum. 2. Pilocarpus. 3. Barosma. 4. Citrus.