Um-bel-lif'e-re. L. Umbellifer-oe - umbella, umbel, + ferre, to bear - i. e., flowers borne in umbels. Herbs, shrubs. Distinguished by possessing aromatic, stimulant volatile oils; flowers in umbels; stems hollow; leaves usually compound; fruit cremocarp, with vittae (oil-tubes), indehiscent; calyx adnate' to ovary; petals and stamens 5, inserted on fleshy epigynous disk; ovary 2-celled, inferior; seeds 1 in each carpel, albumin horny; temperate climates; aromatic, carminative, stimulant, tonic (vol. oil), narcotic, poisonous (acrid juice), antispasmodic (gum-resin).

Genera: 1. Petroselinum. 2. Carum. .3. Pimpinella. 4. Foeniculum. 5. Coriandrum. 6. Ferula.