La-bi-a'te. L. Labi-um(-a) + atae , fern. pl. of labiatus, lip, lips, lipped - i. e., referring to the irregular or lipped corolla. Herbs, shrubs. Distinguished by abounding in aromatic, stimulant, volatile oils, bitter extractive; stems square, calyx regular, 2-lipped, 5-toothed, corolla irregular, 2-lipped, 4-5-lobed, stamens 4, didynamous, or by abortion 2; leaves opposite, aromatic; ovary 4-lobed, becoming in fruit 4 seedlike monospermous nutlets or achens, enclosed by persistent calyx; temperate climates; aromatic, carminative, stimulant (vol. oil), tonic, stomachic (bitter extractive principle), flavoring, perfumery. Genera: 1. Thymus. 2. Mentha. 3. Lavandula. 4. Rosmarinus.