Ru-bi-a'se-e. L. Rubi-a + aceae, madder, fr. rubeus, rubere, red - i. e., referring to color of the roots. Trees, shrubs, herbs. Distinguished by versatility of important uses; stems round or angular; leaves opposite, stipulate, calyx 4-5-toothed, superior; corolla 4-5, regular, epigynous; stamens 4-5, on corolla-tube, anthers 2-celled; ovary inferior, 2-4-celled; fruit inferior, dry or succulent, edible, 2-celled; seeds 1 or more in each cell; temperate climates, tropics; tonic, febrifuge, astringent, emetic, purgative, diuretic, emmenagogue, dyeing, tanning, poisonous.

Genera: 1. Coffea. 2. Cephaelis. 3. Cinchona. 4. Ourouparia.