Kap-ri-fo-li-a'se-e. L. Caprifoli-um + aceae - caper, a goat, + folium, leaf - i. e., referring to the climbing and capering plant-habit, like a goat. Trees, shrubs, herbs. Distinguished by showy, sweet-scented flowers; leaves opposite, exstipulate; calyx 4-5-cleft, superior, persistent, tube coherent with 2-5-celled ovary; corolla 4-5-cleft, bearing as many stamens on its tube; regular or irregular; ovary 1-6-celled, inferior; filaments in pairs at each sinus, anthers 1-celled; fruit berry or drupe; temperate climates; emetic, purgative, astringent, diuretic, sudorific, acrid, poisonous.

Genus: 1. Viburnum.