Pal-ma'se-e. L. Palm-a + aceae, fern. pl. palmaceous, of or pertaining to the palms, fr. palma, a palm. Perennial trees or shrubs, mostly unbranched, growing by terminal, or edible bud. Distinguished by leaves being palmately or radiately parallel-veined, plaited, on sheathing petioles, somewhat divided on expansion; flowers small, perfect or polygamous, regular, often rigid or fleshy, frequently dioecious; perianth double, 3-merous, stamens 6, borne on branching spadix; ovary and style 3; fruit berry, drupe or dry; seed 1-3; embryo minute, albuminous; tropical climates; diuretic, expectorant, sedative, tonic; timber valuable in ships. Genus: 1. Serenoa.