The degree sign (°) associated with numerals indicates feet, except when accompanied with the capital letters C. and F., then it represents degrees (temperature); the prime sign (') attached to figures is used for inches, but when following vowels or consonants denotes the accented syllable.

Ar., Arabic.

Abs., abs., Absence.

Fldext., Fluidextract.

Br., British.

Br. P., British Pharmacopoeia.

Cod., Codex, French Pharmacopoeia.

Cult., cult., Cultivated.

Dif., dif., Difference.

Dist., dist., Distilled, Distinction.

Eng., English.

Fr., French.

Ger., German.

Ger. P. or Ger. Phar., German Pharmacopoeia.

Gr., Greek.

Heb., Hebrew.

Hind., Hindoo.

Nat., nat., Naturalized.

Lim., lim., Limit.

OE., Old English.

Per., Pers., Persian.

Peruv., Peruvian. Portg., Pg., Portuguese. Skr., Skt., Sanskrit. Sp., Spanish. C, Centigrade. F., Fahrenheit. Mt., Mount, Mountain. Adj., adj., Adjective. Dim., dim., Diminutive. Contr., contr., Contraction. Prep(s)., Preparation(s). P. p., pp., Past participle. Unoff., Unofficial. Syn., Synonym. Fr., fr., From. Tr., Tinct., Tincture. Dil., dil., Dilute(d). Alc., alc., Alcohol. T. S., Test Solution. V. S., Volumetric Solution. N/10 Decinormal. Sp. gr., Specific gravity. U. S. P., United States Pharmacopoeia.

Q. S., q. s., Sufficient quantity. P. c., p. c., Per cent(um). Cc., Cubic centimetre. L., Litre. Ml., Millilitre. M., Metre. Mm., Millimetre. Cm., Centimetre. Gm., Gramme. Kg., Kilogramme. Kl., Kilolitre. Km., Kilometre. , min., Minim. Gr., gr., Grain. ℔, Pound.

3, Drachm (solid or fluid). 5, Ounce (solid or fluid). 3, Scruple. ss, Half.

+ (plus), - (minus). X (multiplication). = (equals), □ (square).